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"Personal Data Management For Your Personal, Home and Business Data On The Desktop And In The Cloud"

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MetroVault was developed to provide secure storage, search and retrieval of your personal or business data whether it is located on your desktop or in the Cloud.

It provides multiple 'Dashboards' which can be, easily, setup to reflect the data you use in different environments such as 'Work', Home', Personal', Hobbies'enabling you to, quickly, retrieve the data you need, when you need it, regardless of it's location..

All data can be placed under full revision control which can range from single documents to complete directories of data, enabling you to save 'Data States' at any point in time and giving you the opportunity to return to a previous state at any point in the future.

Templates can be defined for  any type of document or structure of documents, such as customer proposals or reports that require a collection of documents such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, CAD drawings and other images, enabling you to maintain a consistency in your business and personal communications with your collegues, employees and customers.

All documents can be stored with user defined 'Metadata' such as document description which can help in the future retrieval as the number of stored documents grows. Stored documents can be searched using their title or 'Metadata' giving instant access when you need it.

MetroVault incorporates a proprietary security system which stores you data in multiple locations, including the Cloud, if required, to ensure you never lose ANY of your data in the case of a physical disk crash. Visual feedback is also provided in the User Interface so that you can see if any of you data is at risk at any point in time.

MetroVault data can be shared with collegues using 'Portfolio Files' which encapsulate complete structures of documents which can then be shared via e-mail, or via the Cloud.

MetroVault is supported by a comprehensive 'Help' system and Training Videos through the User Interface covering every aspect of the software so that you can get the most out of the MetroVault system

You can use MetroVault for 30 days before deciding to purchase. Download MetroVault and secure your data








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